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About Someone's in the Kitchen

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Why have thousands of homeowners come to small-town Princeton, Illinois for their kitchen and bath projects? Since 1989, SITK has inspired project referrals from (read more) an ever-widening area, simply because happy customers do not think their friends and family will find this kind of experience elsewhere - outstanding, friendly design help, with up-to-date product availability and very competitive pricing.

Surprise yourself at Someone's in the Kitchen! Enter an old former seed-corn building and surprise yourself over and over, as you explore room after beautiful room of creative kitchen and bath displays.

Get free design help with the project you've thought about "forever," and find yourself surprised by important new ideas and information to consider, as you work together with nationally-recognized SITK design professionals. Tell your SITK designers that you want to keep your cabinet-countertop budget under $10K and watch them show the same creative energy and attention to detail they use to produce their higher budget, magazine-published work.

Be impressed by the professionalism and artfulness of what you see, but don't be surprised if you see an SITK designer with their shoes off. We are relaxed, straightforward people with real talent to share.

Mark's poem "We Watch for Light" sums up our SITK mission.

We watch for a light...

In the space and the stuff at hand,

We begin to envision something beautiful that was not there before.

We are moved to effort of mind and body to make the beautiful new thing.

We work.

We work hard together - by the light - and we make the new thing.

This brings us joy.

We celebrate the beautiful new thing.

We celebrate the effort and the mystery of its making.

We share the creation - and ourselves - with others

And we watch for a light in their eyes.

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